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Copic Muted Marker Set

Copic Muted Marker Set

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Copic Markers are the highest quality, longest lasting, most versatile markers available anywhere. They have alcohol-based inks that dry acid free, are permanent and non-toxic, have guaranteed color consistency. The markers are refillable, have replaceable nibs, and have a 3 year shelf life. While Copic Markers are not fabric pens per se, we find them to be superior to fabric pens currently on the market for altering fabric colors (to provide highlights and shading). Copic Markers of different colors can be blended and can be “reactivated” after drying to allow you to continue working to get the shade, hue of color that you want. Fabrics to which Copic Markers have been applied can be safely washed as Copic Marker inks are permanent

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