Lorraine Turner Lake Tahoe Retreat

Lorraine is a professional animal communicator and students will begin each day with a brief meditation to allow their heart energy to connect with the animal—this breathes life into the art, as a relationship develops and the animals begin to “speak.


For serious students who wish to learn how to create textile art using materials such as merino wool, tussah silk, doilies, lace, banana fibers, cheesecloth, dyed burlap, lamb locks, ribbons, beads and just about anything that can be blended together using felting and a sewing machine. If you are a timid beginner, this may not be for you. Please contact Lorraine if you are in doubt.

Techniques include:

  • Wet-felting
  • Embellishing
  • Painting with Inktense pencils
  • Beading
  • Thread-painting
Cost: $ 1,250.00
1595 single occupancy/1250. double occupancy